The different experiences between different cultural backgrounds and between past and now.

Growing up as one of the millennials, I've experienced a tremendous change in Beijing city. These developments that change the form of the city affected my behavior, activities, and feeling for the city. By living in different countries, I've realized the different behaviors between different cultures, I found my self fascinated by these differences, and the reason causes them.

The essence of the different experiences. The privacy and publicness

The big change from the past until now is the disappearing of activities within the neighborhood. People are distanced from each other. With more high-density buildings these activities can hardly form.

And once when I moved to the Netherlands. I also couldn't discover more active relationships within the neighborhood. It could due to being a foreigner with different cultural backgrounds. Then I start to wonder what could be done to make these relation more open to anyone.

A selection of the activities is from small things that happen on a daily bases.

For example, the shared bath tradition in Beijing, the "no curtain" policy in the Netherlands.

Things that we do to connect to society from different cultural background and time.

These events are related to everyone in general.

The specific activities form stories and fragments of moments.

What is the role of architecture here?

By researching from the architecture aspect to reconsider the space around these activities. I realize with all the changes that happened around us, building elements are still mostly using very basic forms, and there are objects that are been used universally.


Just by replacing the building elements is possible to create spaces that influence our activities and behavior.

Imaginary City

Imagine we have the maximum freedom on placing the building parts ignoring the physics to even create new space. How would we interact with the building and how will these spaces affect our behavior?

I've made this animation of an imaginary city to visualize the possibilities of this concept based on my own experience and study.