Sleeping on the Street

Lossing Territory

The tremendous change from the past until now is the disappearing of activities within the neighborhood. People are distanced from each other. With more high-density buildings these activities can hardly form.

And once when I moved to the Netherlands. I also couldn't discover more active relationships within the neighborhood. It could due to being a foreigner with different cultural backgrounds. Then I start to wonder what could be done to make these relations more open to anyone.

Growing up as one of the millennials, I've experienced a tremendous change in Beijing city. These developments that change the form of the city affected my behavior, activities, and feeling for the city. By living in different countries, I've realized the different behaviors between different cultures, I found my self fascinated by these differences, and the reason causes them.

A selection of the activities is from small things that happen on a daily bases.

For example, the shared bath tradition in Beijing, the "no curtain" policy in the Netherlands.

Things that we do to connect to society from different cultural background and time.

These events are related to everyone in general.

Layers of Publicness


​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​People are different, and the level of privacy they prefer for a living is different. (2).gif

II. Path and Accessibility 

People need direct contact in the neighborhood to stay aware. (1).gif

Transparent Entrance 

Air Flow through Entrance (3).gif

Connected Balcony

Balcony as an entrance towards the back street. (6).gif

Bathroom Social

Bathrooms want to be freed as the users are. (4).gif