In this a project I chose a kind of fruit, pomegranate as my theme and observe the space inside of it. The shape of the pomegranate is round and it’s surface isn’t enough because of the seeds inside. After I remove all the seeds, there is an interesting and complex internal space. I cut it in different ways initially. the shape of the elevation is nearly a regular circle. If I cut it in horizontal, the section looks like a flower, and the vertical view looks like the trademark of Chanel. Next, I commenced making the logical principle of spatial analysis. A diagram is an abstract sketch of the basic shapes of the real object. The diagrams show the angles that are special in this fruit. The drawings are all in the proportion of 1:1 and 1:3. then we processed images with a computer. the scale photos help me to observe the details of the internal space. After that, I sliced the pomegranate, and then figured drawing the outline of the space for each section, and then I blow the picture up to A3. I used foam cubes to form the solid parts based on the pictures. After I’ve done all the sections, I build them up by plastic sticks. At the same time, I used the sticks to displayed the surface of the space inside and also an outside skin.