Reversed Undulating Space

In this project, I chose a space and analysed dimension of the space and find a way to make an intervention to this space. I chose a staircase, on the top floor of the building. I was thinking about to make it into an exhibition space by expanding the elements that already exist there. Due to there a metal gate and metal handle on the side of the stair. I wanted to add more similar adorn to give this space a simple and whole environment. Later I considered that a space for exhibition should be somewhere that people can walk through. So that I changed my space but using

the same idea. This time I chose the passage way and I made two model of it. I used PVC board to make the things that already exist

and used cardboard to make my design. I cut the cardboard section by section to make the space continued smoothly. The first model is

more about the function, and the second one is the sample of how I could do to make an one to one project in the passage way. The one to one final work, I used soft plastic sheet and hang them on the roof. The material was half transparent so it had some different illusions when you look at it in the different time of the day. However, also because of of the material, some function can’t be achieved in the one to one work.